About Us

We set the fire!

Side is one of the few destinations in the world in terms of history, climate, nature and geography and is a very important tourism resort. Side is located in a magnificent location between the skirts of the Taurus Mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean. There are many advantages brought by this geographical location. You have many advantages in Side, such as 8 months of sun, immediate reward for whatever you plant in the soil, various products from the mountains and natural life, plants, and fresh products from the sea. However, benefiting from the blessings of the region with the fabrication presentation strategy brought by the all-inclusive philosophy remained in the background for a long time. With the effect of the pandemic, the return to agriculture has accelerated, local gastronomy presentations have come to the fore in tourism policies, and qualified tourism has been brought to the fore. 

The meaning of the name Alma is the most beautiful factor that inspired us in designing the Alma menu. Alma means “soul” in Spanish. While we were preparing our meals, we reflected the spirit of the open fire, nature and the season on our menu. We also included lagos and calamari, couscous risotto with ink, local baby squid, village noodles with truffle mushrooms, which we bought from our local fisherman. We offer seasonal and local products like this with modern interpretations to our guests in Alma.

With our policy, we moved our menu from plans to nature and to the table.

We paired it with our food menu with fresh spices collected from our garden.

We prepared a final tasting cocktail for our guests who came with Antalya’s double roasted tahini.

Whisper to us about your feelings, and we will prepare what you need now.